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We are a Bali based company, our field is in corporate web design, graphic and corporate identity design. Started by friendship, we decided to start our own company which combine the beauties of design and the advance of IT. Established in Bali in 2005, we have developed many project in web development, logo design and graphic design. Our web development and corporate identity clients start from small industry up to effort rapidly grow.

We believe that good taste of design combine with the knowledge of information technology will bring positive impact to you, your company, and your client or consumer. Our motto is “Bring You Closer”, it means that through our service, we will try to bring you closer to your consumer, your clients, your goal, or to the success that you want to reach.

Our logo is the symbol of our passion to the field that we’re in. It also represent the flexibilities in our creativity and service, because we believe that every person or every company have different needs. Some recent clients that choose us as their interactive partner are :

Indographs, SurfTravelOnline, Adang Jaya, Agung Putri, Trade And Industry Departement Of Denpasar and many more that you can see at our portofolio.

When we design a website, besides the beauties and advanced technology we also make your web easy to find and search in Search Engine.

We believe that good sites are shold be :

* According to requirement of your clients

* Build or further reinforce your brand

* Get a loyal user by sending a personal information

* Good taste of design and work properly

Before we establishing a website, we usually spending our time to learn our clients needs and how to build a good sales logic using websites system. We work with our clients to make an interactive concept and design that are manageable and can bring our clients more closer with their company goal.

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