We specialize in Bank Web Design

We’ve been working with banks and credit unions for more than a decade. We understand the challenges of the financial industry and have created tools to overcome them. In as few as two months, we can build a bank website that leverages your unique brand, speaks to your customers and accomplishes your goals. At Coastal Media Brand, we don’t force you to choose from a handful of widely used templates. We specialize in custom bank websites that engage and deliver. Not only do you have control over the look, feel and functionality of your website, our responsive bank websites are integrated with intuitive content management systems (CMS) so you can manage your own website quickly and easily.

Bank Intranets & Board Portals

Internal communication is key to a successful business. In addition to public-facing bank website design, Coastal Media Brand offers two microsite options for streamlining communication with bank staff as well as the Board of Directors.

Bank intranets can be protected in a variety of ways, including unique employee logins and / or access based on IP address. Features may include the following (and more):

  • Calendars
  • Classifieds
  • Company news
  • Forms
  • Forum
  • HR documents
  • Important phone numbers
  • Open positions
  • Policies
    Board portal put important information and files in front of Board members from any web browser, using a unique login and password.

Your best bank website begins with Coastal Media Brand

At Coastal Media Brand your Bank website is more than a pretty face. We focus on statistics, usability and calls to action to ensure your website is effective — and that your investment pays off.

Mobile web usage continues to be on the rise. As more and more web traffic comes from mobile devices, it’s imperative to have a website that can be viewed and navigated easily on a smartphone, tablet and so on.

We always take the mobile web into account when building bank websites. “Responsive web design” is just a fancy way of saying you have one website that looks great no matter what kind of internet-ready device accesses it because the site’s display is altered based on the screen size. The content will flow into a page differently based on the screen/device.

Mobile optimization is just one example of how we champion usability in our bank website design. When it comes to website architecture and hierarchy, we make data-driven decisions so that your bank website not only looks wonderful, but also work wonderfully on any device.

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Responsive Bank Website Design