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There are times when people think that they can just go online and build their own website. Like it is as simple as opening a book, or drawing a picture. If they build their site from a template, then it might be that simple.

But, if you are building your own from scratch, then it is not. You need to know some coding languages ​​and there are some things that you will have to work out before you even start to code.

If you are in the position where you think you are ready to start coding, then read ahead to see if you have figured out everything that you need, before you have even typed in your first command.


1. You need to settle on a color scheme – When you are building a website, you need to stick to a color scheme because it will help you build your identity as a company or a blogger. It will make the site look more professional and the color scheme should tie in with the logo. You should be careful not to change colors on every page because that will make the site look messy. You might have some trouble finding a good color scheme, but at this point, you have the freedom to choose whatever color you like. You could even find another site that you like a lot, and use their color scheme. Just be careful not to copy anything else.

2. Special Effects – You can use especial effects to highlight something that is important to you, but do not use too many. You do not want to make the site look busy, or crowed. Furthermore, it will take away the effect that you want on the specific item.

3. Make it simple – You should aim for a simple design for your website and make it easy for the viewers to navigate around. If there are too many complicated elements to the site, they will just move onto another site. There should be a clear set of buttons that they can push. The button should have a title which makes it clear where it will take you. For example, if you want a button for the menu, the button should have the word 'menu' clearly written on it.

4. External linking – You should try and network and have links to other sites on your website. Contact the other owner when you link to their site, and they may link to yours. Therefore, you will be driving traffic to each other. Make sure the company has something to do with yours though, and make sure it is not your competition; otherwise you will be just sending your customers to another site where they may spend more money. If you do link to another site, then set it to open on another webpage. This is so your visitors can easily get back to your site, without pushing the 'back' button constantly.

5. SEO – You have to make sure that you know about SEO, or you have hired a company to take care of your SEO needs. This is because having good SEO, will mean that you have more visitors and more visitors means more money. SEO is concerned with the idea of ​​where the site ranks on search engines. When people search for things, they tend to use the top 3 search results for that keyword. Therefore, you will want an SEO scheme that will put you in the top 3 search results. You do not want to be below that and you certainly do not want to be below the first page of results.

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