Benefit of Telemarketing Services

Telemarketing is an integral part of a sales and marketing campaign in IQR, either as a tool for gathering the data that will be the foundation for your direct marketing approaches, as a follow up to other forms of direct marketing, or as an up-front weapon for identifying your best sales prospects. The most common functions of business to business outbound telemarketing in IQR include:

Improving marketing data: at a basic level this may include gathering the contact details of decision makers and their usage of products and services relevant to your market, but further probing can deliver more in-depth information.

Telecleaning your existing data: It’s your data, but is it a valuable asset? Only if it’s clean and accurate.

Lead generation: Using a team of dedicated telemarketers to do this.

Event planning: If you’re investing money in marketing events – telemarketing is an effective way to ensure the right people turn up in the right numbers.

Direct mail follow up: Telephone follow up to mailings is proven to increase returns, by between three and seven times as much in some cases.

Point of sale promotion: For those distributing products through multiple channels, regular contact with distributors or resellers has numerous benefits. It can ensure that they are familiar with your products and have the right marketing materials to sell them successfully, but can also achieve the difficult goal of keeping your product/service at the forefront of their minds.

Company profiling: This offers the opportunity to go beyond the type of superficial prospect data held by most businesses and gain a full understanding of how potential customers operate. Information on aspects such as their decision making processes and who they currently purchase from enables much better tailoring of sales and marketing approaches.

Customer contact: While all of the above functions are relevant to existing and potential customers, there is scope for more creative uses of telemarketing that have particular relevance to previous/existing customers.

An inbound telemarketing firm provides an instant call centre with the entire infrastructure that is needed including the people, the equipment and the phone lines. These inbound marketing firms can provide inbound campaigns where the telemarketers handle incoming calls. Finding the right firm requires careful selection by the company. The company entrusted with the work must have the relevant experience to handle the queries regarding the product successfully.

Some of the reasons why inbound telemarketing has gained importance is because:

–         Innovative Concepts and Products.

–         Less price than the market.

–         Defining products in details.

–         Guarantee and free trial period and

–         Gives space to think and make decision.