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Its apparently the best quote to have ever been thought of and it goes like ” Thank God for Google” Never bfore could you use less than $10 and have potential customers come knowking right at your door, but Google has made it very possible with Google adwords. Its a huge advantages to be adversant with Google plus having all the tips and tricks to make thinks tick. Many people are always looking for a some kind of a definitive guide to Google adwords hoping to become an expert in this field. Mastering Google adwords can be a big boost to your business. and for that to happen you might need the best definitive guide to google adwords, its free and ist here, i am going to reveal to you what to do inorder to become a google expert and also avoid the so Called “Google slap”

Google adwords is quite different from other Search engines, and this is because Google adwords is mostly inclined to the smart marketer, or simply the one that knows what he is doing, imagine having thousands of visitors knocking at your doorstp wanting to buiy your products and not having to pay an arm and a leg. Google adwords is different in that top ad positions are not awarded to the ones that bid the highest amounts keywords, with Google adwords, the more relevant your ads are and the more CTR (Click through rate ) you have the better ad positions you get and the less you pay per every keyword search term. thats cool, this means that you only need to bevcome more sharper and not in the sence of MBA’s you just need to know how to work round with this law and you will be on the plus side.

Its simple here is how.

Have very relevant ads if your website is about chocolate fountains, make sure your ad copy explanation is relevant and is targeted, this will increase your clickthough rate lowering your daily cost per click budget and getting you best positions for your keywords, giving you more and better sales.

Another thing make sure your ads are targeted, this will also help you reduse your daily budget and give you better conversions, No need to advertise under broad keywords like “ipod” prefer to advertise under keywords such as “ipod nano 3rd generation” thats more targeted and costs less than “ipod” or even “ipod nano” plus it very targeted, A person looking to buy an ipod regerdless of the type or model would be mnuch more specific in the seacrh term he is going to perform.

Another thing know your customer, which country, don’t put campaigns in countries that would costy you more per click and wuld not make a purchase.

Getting around Google is not hard, but when mastered its a huge cash cow,

Just incase you need more intell i woud recommend a program by the name of wealthy affiliate, there you will get everything that you are going to need inorder to run a successful adowrds campaign,

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