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Best Practices in Web Design Industry

It is very important for web development companies to maintain best practices in web design industry. The web development and design business has grown in leaps and bounds since few years. The development firm need to have clear guidelines about the design, development, testing, support, and hosting phases of the project. All the project documents should be properly studied and analyst must prepare a scope features document. After approval, design team must use standard Google guidelines to design the page. The layout must be well organized and colors scheme must be synchronized at buttons, menu items and different sections of the HOME page.

The web design companies must adopt implementing the design in W3C / CSS confined layouts. They must implement each and every page with the compliance to make the web site look and feel professional. The sections should not overlap and all pages must look clean and properly aligned. It is important to test the user interface properly along with performance of the site. It is important that site must be browser complaint and should open in normal mobile phones and other operating systems like Windows, MAC without any issues.

A good hosting with proper security certificates is very important to maintain the performance and speed of the web design. The hosting should be taken from authorized providers only like Host Gator. The support and maintenance team must be expected to solve immediate issues. From search engine point of view, it is very important that site must have industry related tags, keywords to attract crawlers of Google. This will generate traffic and leads in the website helping the portal to achieve business targets. All the pages must be coded in modular style to make quick updates in the later stages. The use of modern scripting techniques like JavaScript, AJAX ensures the dynamic features are displayed in the simplest user interface.

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