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After the change of Google Panda back in February 2011 their algorithm aimed toward lower ranks for non-authority websites. CNET noticed increasingly higher rankings of news and social media sites. Google also dropped the ratings for sites that sell large quantities of advertising. This changed about 12 percent of all Google's search results. Things are changing rather fast and the people that are not with the times will simply be misinformed and do something that Google frowns upon.

A SEO plugin is an automated software that simplifies the process of getting and increasing your website rank in the search engines. SEO plugins are something like having a professional SEO expert telling you what works and what causes websites to rank high. Building links are essential to high ranks, because each link is a vote of confidence from the linking website. SEO software typically includes back link syndication systems that create back links to high ranked sites.

In this constantly evolving world we live in, automation is simply the keys to success. Think about all the machines humans use such cars, dishwashers, computers and alarm clocks. Machines can do things that humans could never do or want to do. Success is knowing the formula to an equation kind of like a math problem solved with a calculator. SEO can be confusing to most because computers enforce it. Software that automate the process knows what search engines want and gives them exactly that. Computers vs computers. When search engines change their rules it's best to know, so you can prepare yourself for it. Bing and Microsoft seem to have the most steady rules of getting traffic.

Increasing your rankings is easy when you have a proven software doing the grunt work. People tend to think it does all the work, but this is untrue. You will have to set things up first for it to start working for you. I honestly believe that this is the quickest, proven and lucrative way to improving or gaining rankings in the major search engines. Gaining rankings is an ongoing process that takes time. Some people have seen sites crawled and indexed in a matter of hours, but this is temporary. You must constantly improve your position due to many competitive websites. With a proven software you can literally jump in front of tens of millions of competitive sites that basically optimize their websites to increase their presence online.