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Best Web Site Design – What Makes the Best Website Design?

By experience, a visually compelling website draws in interest and awe over one that is very ordinary and-to some extent-really bland and boring.

One could just spend hours browsing the Internet in search of best designed website and observe the varying styles and approach used in the design of each, yet still end puzzled at how the people behind the design can actually come up with such artisticly inspiring websites.

Experts summarize that there are four elements that combine the best website design. These are content, usability, appearance, and visibility.

Obviously, content reiterates the information on the website. But providing information online is not as simple as just pasting it on the page and leave it for the visitors to read. There should still be structure in its presentation, leaving space to highlight important content in the same manner as magazines layout their pages. Thus, it must compliment the visuals you have in the page.

When designing a website, one must remember to put objects (content, photos, icons, etc.) in the page only if it has some use. It does not necessarily mean that if it looks nice, it'll benefit the overall design of your website. This is also why, after putting all the content and images you have together in the page, you have to look at its entity or appearance. Placing too many objects or design elements in a page may make it cluttery, which makes the design of your site unappealing.

Putting these factors together takes practice and diligence. Also, one should consider the user's browsing experience whenever designing a website. The visuals and all the effort you'd done will go to waste if your website takes forever to load since you put in too many photos, added a big flash animation, or the like. Thus, proper care should be implemented in designing a site and testing it afterwards is a must-do activity.

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