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Best Website Design – 5 Powerful Tips To Design Your Website…

According to Wikipedia, “A website is a collection of pages of text, videos and images located at a unique address. It is identified by its domain name and is located on a server with an internet protocol address”.

For your internet business, your website is the digital equivalent of your offline office.

How you design your website to look and feel -goes a long way in getting visitors -to stay long enough so you achieve the objective you set out for your business.

Why I got embarrassed at Dolphin

I recently went shopping at one of South Florida’s largest shopping mall…the Dolphin mall. story is worth telling to illustrate my point…

The mall is so big you could get lost in its vast cavern of shops. I lost record of time so quickly… I did not notice I had spent 4 hours!

I was swiping my visa debit card at nearly all the shops I visited. At one point, my bank put a block on my card-to my embarrassment.

Excuse me sir, said the store attendant…your card has been declined.

It was then I realised my debit card was blocked. You see I wanted to buy this red crocodile-skin shoe with matching handbag for my wife.

I was embarrassed and politely returned the shoes as the other shoppers stared at me.

The problem was resolved with a call to my bank. My bank was doing its fraud prevention check due to a high frequency of transactions I made on the day.

You may not be an impulsive shopper. I am not one by nature. I must admit the shopping mall did an impressive work -to get me in to a buying mood.

You too can do so for your business…

You can build and design your website so that your visitors are presold and get quickly into the buying mood…remember it’s about making the sale.

Here are some tips to get the best website design for your website

Tip#1. Your look and feel must be consistent.

My best shop in the mall was the Ralph Lauren shop. The look and feel of the shop appealed to designer brand shoppers. The colours and lighting were consistent with the theme of the shop-luxury designer clothes.

You should design the web pages of your website to be consistent with the theme of your business. If you are corporate, let your website reflect and appeal to corporate visitors. If you are entertaining, design your website with your objective in mind

Your website should have a crisp and clean layout. Avoid clutter. Let your visitors connect with the overall theme of your website.

Tip#2 Let your visitors know what they are viewing…

Imagine me walking through the mall without signs to the different shops.I would have got and leave the mall in frustration.

The same applies to your website…

Make sure every of your webpage have a title tag and short description of the webpage.

You want to do this for 2 reasons; you want to rank with the search engine. Secondly, you want your visitors to enjoy and get value from your website.

The bottom-line: is to make your website’s pages search engine and human friendly.

Tip#3. Let your visitors navigate your website easily.

The shops I visited in the mall were wide and had spaces for me to move around.

Your website should also be easy to navigate and you should use blue navigation links for links only.

When you make your web pages easy to navigate, you increase the stickiness of your website

Tip#4. Keep the background text simple.

Back to the mall again…imagine yourself getting to the mall…and you notice in the shops different colours, reverse letters on the signs or you see text in reverse black on white.

I am sure you would not want to buy in these kinds of shop…too much confusion

Most visitors to your website 90 percent of the time come for information. Therefore, you need to make it easy on their eyes. Let them enjoy the experience of reading your content.

Avoid fancy text and fancy background colours…build and write the main body of your webpage in…Use Simple black text over white background.

Which fonts should you use…the serif fonts- (Helvetica, Verdana, Arial Georgia and times new roman).

A final word about background and text…you should generally avoid low contrast background, reverse text or- dark and blue backgrounds.

Tip#5. Follow the leaders…keep your website layout simple

Before you read what I am about to say, do me a favour. Open your web browser now and look at the following websites: Yahoo, Google,, and…

What do you notice about the layout of these sites? You guessed right.

They are simple clean, crisp and they are visitor friendly.

These websites, Google, face book and yahoo are the most frequently visited websites. In addition, their formula for success they keep things simple…the websites’ layouts are plain, easy to navigate and delivers on their promise.

Why not follow the leaders. it only makes sense.

A word is enough for the wise….

I leave you with these five tips. If you are able to use all these tips for your next website design…you cannot go wrong. The internet Gorillas and Giants are using them to dominate in their niches.

Start today to use them and succeed in your online business

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