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Best Website Design Software – How to Make Your Website Work

What is the best website design software? You may think I am going to start comparing Frontpage, Dreamweaver, Coffecup or NVU but it’s rather like using a drill. There is no point comparing drills if you don’t end up with the correct hole.

So lets talk about the type of hole; Did you know that 99% of websites fail and many of these are designed using professional services with website design costs that go well over $5000. Don’t get me wrong they create beautiful websites with their flash animations and javascript navigation and CCS template.

What is the definition of a website that works?

It is simply this:

One that gets traffic

If you don’t have traffic then you don’t have an online business.

It is that simple.

When you talk to a designer did you ever hear them talk about their successful websites that drive hundreds of visitors to their customers sites. I expect you did not (they seem to have missed that one off their website design checklist). Probably they showed you their beautiful examples and hand crafted graphics. This is not bad website design as such, it just results in a site that does not get traffic.

Unfortunately a beautiful website does not attract visitors.

Simple truth

Just take a moment to think about the #1 website on the planet. That’s right it’s Google. So what is it’s primary service to a user?

It is to provide search results i.e. it provides information to you.

This is the key to the success of your online business (or any website) people are searching for information and not how fast your site loads or the graphics it contains.

There is a way to build a successful website one that attracts hundreds of visitors per day and this translates into money.

P.S. You can use any website design software to make a successful website but the software itself does not make the website successful; There is no best website design software []

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