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Your website is your identity in the cyberspace. The reputation of your business is affected by the design of your website. Here, appropriate website development is a prerequisite for individuals and businesses eager to attract targeted traffic to their websites.

Creating an appealing website will not suffice without it is able to attract a large number of targeted traffic. Here, the challenge of a website designer is to create a visually pleasant website that enjoys good visibility in the search engine result pages of popular search engines.

A reputed website designer focuses on the brand of the business while developing the website. To enable the webmaster to add, edit and delete the contents of the site easily, the website is built on an easy to use content management platform with user-friendly control panel and customizable plugins. Moreover, key social media links, RSS feeds and customized favicon are inserted to create a well-designed website.

Website Development Tips

Clean and Simple Design

Although you may have dramatic ideas about designing a website, studies suggest that visitors prefer websites that are easily readable. Resist the temptation of overloading webpages with programs and graphical images. Although, they may boost the visual appeal of your website, they tend to slow down the load time of the page, which may affect traffic as well as the ranking of the webpage in the search engine result pages.

Instead of stylish fonts, use standard fonts that are available on all computers. To improve readability, make sure use of white space.

Easy Navigation

Visitors prefer exploring websites that can be navigated easily. Use a neat, clean and easy to use navigation structure. The placement of the navigation links also plays an important role in determining how long a visitor stays on a website.

Browser Compatibility

A web design that works for one browser may not work for another. The aim of a web designer is to develop a website that works on the popular versions of different browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Netscape, Opera and Safari. Websites that are cross browser compatible can be easily explored by visitors regardless of the type of browser they are using.

Screen Resolution

Not to be overlooked, screen resolution of a website is an important aspect of web design. Website designed to suit all types of screen resolutions are more popular.

Keyword Use

Proper use of keywords is an important facet of website development. Creating appropriate meta tags, headers and content boost the visibility of the website in the search engine result pages.

Web Design

Web Design

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