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crypto investors have been called out by United States President Joe Biden for using unspecified tax regulations to circumvent the law, prompting his call for an end to such practices.

Biden posted an infographic on Twitter that reads:

“We think Congress should cut tax loopholes to make crypto investors rich… MAGA Republicans think Congress should cut food safety inspections ($15 billion).”

According to the infographic, such adjustments would ostensibly save the government $18 billion. However, Biden did not specify which tax exemptions would be closed by reforms to generate these savings.

Biden Targets Wealthy crypto Investors With Stringent Measures

In order to provide a fair and equitable tax system for this quickly expanding industry, Biden has taken a strong stance against affluent cryptocurrency investors.

The Biden administration has emphasized the significance of ensuring that those who profit from the growing market give their fair share to society, recognizing the potential for digital currencies to create significant wealth.

To prevent tax evasion and illegal activities involving cryptocurrencies, the administration has proposed stronger rules and greater openness.

Initial reports on the tax proposal put forth by the US commander-in-chief indicated that the government had the potential to generate more than $20 billion by implementing tax regulations specifically targeting “wash trading.”

Wash trading is a deceitful method that involves executing transactions with oneself or collaborating parties to artificially inflate trading volume or create the illusion of market activity.

It is a strategy in which the same financial asset, such as equities, bitcoin, or commodities, is bought and sold in order to give the appearance of increased trading activity.

US President Pushes For Responsible crypto Innovation

On the other hand, the Biden administration’s recommendation of a 30% tax on cryptocurrency mining demonstrates its efforts to establish a comprehensive regulatory framework for the emerging digital asset industry.

By targeting mining enterprises, the administration aims to address the environmental concerns associated with the energy-intensive process of mining digital currencies.

cryptocurrency mining, particularly Bitcoin mining, requires substantial computational power, leading to increased energy consumption and carbon emissions.

By imposing a tax on mining operations, the administration intends to discourage excessive mining activities and promote more sustainable practices within the industry.

Administration Detractors

By characterizing those who disagreed with his plans as backers of the Republican party, Biden strategically portrayed them as “opponents” to his administration’s objectives.

This approach aimed to highlight the partisan divide and emphasize the disparity between his progressive agenda and the conservative principles typically affiliated with the Republican party.

“We don’t have to guess what MAGA House Republicans value. They’re telling us.”

The acronym MAGA refers to the campaign slogan “Make America Great Again” (by Donald Trump).

Biden desires that the government investigate methods to make crypto innovation more “responsible,” thus reducing any adverse environmental effects.

This has caused worry among lawmakers around the world, with China going so far as to outlaw cryptocurrency mining in 2022. This action resulted in a migration of cryptocurrency producers from China to the United States and other nations, such as Kazakhstan.

BTCUSD slightly breaks past the $28K territory today. Chart: TradingView.com

Taking A Swipe At Affluent crypto Investors

Biden’s criticism of “wealthy crypto investors” occurs at a time when a potential financial crisis approaches. Last week, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen cautioned that the US could run out of cash as early as June 1 if Congress fails to increase or suspend the ceiling on debt by then.

Meanwhile, over the past several years, some Republicans have grown friendlier to the crypto industry. For instance, the conservative Club for Growth introduced two crypto-focused super PACs during the previous election period.

The White House has also been engaged in crypto policy, publishing a number of digital asset papers in the past year.

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