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Branding crypto and corporate: how a creative director shaped Ledgermatic’s brand

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When your goal is to disrupt your industry and challenge everything people expect from the services you provide, you need to think strategically about your brand identity.

Ledgermatic came to 99designs Studio for exactly that. They wanted to go to market with a premium brand identity that made them look mature beyond their years from the very start. Ledgermatic is blazing the trail for organizations to thrive in a tokenized economy, offering up the first-of-its-kind digital treasury management tech that bridges the gap between corporate and crypto.

The brief to 99designs Studio was to take the Ledgermatic story beyond the logo and develop a brand identity that would give them an ownable set of brand assets that reflected their values.

All images in the article are created by Shwin, featuring the work of bo_rad and Tiago Designer

The client

Ledgermatic makes it possible for companies to be their own bank. Through Ledgermatic’s suite of services, organizations can benefit from a tokenized economy.

Ledgermatic logo

The Ledgermatic platform offers a single, comprehensive platform, which enables organizations to take advantage of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum to make long-term investments, hold collateral and create secure payment gateways.

Strategic insights

Currently, the companies that provide business solutions to corporate treasurers and Chief Technology Officers (CTOs) have a very different look, feel and functionality than the companies that provide crypto services for everyday customers like Gemini and Kraken. Ledgermatic wants to bridge the gap between crypto and feasible, secure solutions for businesses and customers.

Early on, one of the biggest branding challenges Ledgermatic recognized was that they needed a brand identity that has the futuristic, techy feel individuals get with the platforms they use to buy, hold and store cryptocurrency, but also to communicate that Ledgermatic is meant for large-scale, corporate use and thus, provides the functionality and security organizations need.

three mobile screen for the ledgermatic app

The 99designs Studio approach to branding

Ledgermatic wanted to launch the new brand quickly but stressed that their top priority was entering the market with a cohesive, clear, strategic brand identity that would act as a foundation they could continue to build upon.

99designs Studio is optimized to deliver precisely that. As a comprehensive start-to-finish service, we enable clients to access the most creative design experts to deliver agency-quality work that doesn’t break the bank.

99designs studio home page
via 99designs Studio

Every client is assigned a Creative Director, a design professional who guides them through every step of the process, from the initial discovery stage to delivery of the final brand assets. Ledgermatic was paired with their Creative Director, Shwin, who has more than a decade of experience in developing brands with top-level studios and agencies in London.

99designs Studio offers a modular approach to branding. For Ledgermatic that meant being able to include an icon set in their brand package instead of logo creation since they already had an awesome logo design by Tiago Designer on 99designs.

various tablet screens of Ledgermatic’s app

Ledgermatic also chose to add on a brand strategy workshop. Through this workshop, they worked with the 99designs Studio team to really dig deep into their brand’s core values and set the course for their brand development strategy before jumping into the creative process.

Ledgermatic’s personalized brand identity bundle included:

  • Logo recoloring
  • Visual elements
  • Color palette
  • Typography
  • Iconography
  • Detailed brand guidelines

Translating business insights into a brand identity


The first step is discovery. In order to design a brand’s core assets, we need to understand the client’s goals and their unique approach to pursuing them.

The 99designs Studio team set up an input session with Ledgermatic to gather key detailed insights about their product and how it worked, pricing, mission and objectives for the branding project.

stationery use of Ledgermatic’s logo

The creative workshop

Following the input session, 99designs Studio ran a 2-hour creative workshop with Ledgermatic.

The workshop is a guided session complete with exercises that helped the client discover the “6 What’s”: what we stand for (purpose), what we believe in (values), what people we want to engage (target audience), what distinguishes us (differentiators), what we offer (product offering) and what we say and show (persona and tone of voice). This framework will define the Minimum Viable Brand, the essentials and core of the brand that the client can use as a basis for any brand strategy going forward.

This process enabled the client and 99d Studio team to co-create the Ledgermatic brand positioning and the key insights for the creative brief.

blog example for Ledgermatic
social media example for Ledgermatic

The brand exercise really helped us to focus and narrow in on who we’re trying to reach initially and has Ledgermatic both postured in the market and executing much more strategically than we have any right to be for being only a few months old!

– Isaac Fain, CTO, Ledgermatic

In addition, their Creative Director, Shwin, used the workshop to walk through a moodboard, which helped to gather feedback from the clients and set the direction of the design. This would be used as a guide to help steer the initial design concepts.

Creative concepts

During the concepting phase, the Creative Director developed a range of concepts to present to the client. Each concept showed a selection of design samples that helped the clients to envision how the whole brand could come together; color palettes, examples of application, icon style and visual elements.

color scheme for Ledgermatic brand
icons for Ledgermatic

During a concepting presentation, the client reviewed all the options and provided feedback. They chose the creative branding concept they liked the most, providing feedback on the color options, visuals and icon style. The Creative Director took this feedback and continued to develop and refine the concept into the final brand assets.

Delivering the brand

It was a quick process—just about three weeks from the initial input session to a fleshed-out, ready-to-launch brand identity.

Working with the logo, previously designed on the platform by Tiago Designer, as well as Bo_rad to develop the icon set, futuristic branding elements like gradients were incorporated into the visual identity. They also opted for design choices like a sans serif font to communicate approachability and simple, geometric icons.

A visual philosophy of evolution was delivered through each creative element, which brought the branding together.

six pages from Ledgermatic’s brand guidelines

It was exactly what Ledgermatic needed: a fresh, futuristic set of brand assets that define Ledgermatic as a challenger brand and enable them to continue to grow and evolve.

Please accept our heartfelt thanks to all of you for helping Ledgermatic get the brand launched and generating buzz in the market at breakneck speed with a very minimal amount of resources.

– Isaac Fain, CTO, Ledgermatic

Meet your Creative Director

If you’re facing a creative challenge, 99designs Studio is here to work with you to develop an in-depth and strategic brand identity, in an agile way. Your Creative Director steers your design strategy from start to finish and manages your project throughout every stage of the creative process.

When it comes to designing award-winning brands, 99designs is a triple-win: we’ve got agency experience, global talent and branding knowledge, all in one package that won’t break the bank.

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