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Secrets to Making Your Web Design Picture Perfect

Branding For Your Web Design

Branding is the single most important part of business. And because it is such an integral of web design and online operations its important that you as a web designer recognize and practice some of the correct methods of branding. A brand is typically recognized as a name, slogan or logo that is associated with a particular product or service. Branding is done to create an emotional response from a customer and to help the customer remember that particular brand. By doing this your product will be the first one a person thinks of when they think of your type of product. If done properly your business will be properly aligned and will bring in all kinds of new business.


There are lots of products and services out there, so how can you separate your product from all of the other ones out there? Positioning is how your product compares against your competitors. Positioning is a subtle thing and happens with out conscious knowledge its even happening. By first identifying where you stand against your competitors you can figure out a way to make your business unique. Carry this over to your web design, get an idea of what your competitors are doing but make yours unique. Don’t be so far out of the mold that you look like a different industry, but don’t be afraid to be different.

Be Direct

Remember that people are impatient and have very short attention spans when it comes to the internet. Nobody likes to be tricked so avoid redirects and tricky linking. Use short summarized information, make it as easy as possible for your users to find out the 5 W’s (who, where, what, why and when). Make it clear what it is you do or sell and how you can get it. Also remember


In order for you to have any credibility you need to stay consistent. This means your design, text and color use have to be the same throughout the site. Think of it like a movie, if there no continuity it’s not going to make any sense. If your site doesn’t make any sense people are going to become disenfranchised and you’re going to lose customers. So make sure your layout, copy writing and color usage has the same theme on every page of your site.


Your style is a huge part of your brand. Deciding on what your site is going to look like depends largely on what it represents. When a person believes in their work, it shows. Believe in your web design and your business position and it will show through the quality of your work. In order for your web design to be amazing, brainstorm your ideas, bounce them off others and most importantly, commit.

Be Positive

Every business has weaknesses but it’s important not to focus on them. Don’t ever lie to your customers but certain items of information are best left unsaid. Make all of your positives stand out on the site. Cite your examples of success and things that make your business better than competitors. Also read up on business tips for web designers.


All these other things are important, but if your site isn’t easily used you are in for trouble. If your website lacks usability it’s going to affect your credibility and hurt your brand image. Ideally, you want your users to have the best possible online experience, and when they remember their pleasant online experience they will remember your website.

Call to Action

This is perhaps the most important facet of your website. In marketing one of the biggest concepts is about motivating your customers to buy. Getting them to your product is the first large hurdle, but once they’re on your website what is going to happen? You need to have a call to action which requires your web visitors to do something. To sign up for a newsletter, to buy a product, any thing that encourages your users to take an action will help increase your conversions.

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