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Facebook came up with the latest launch of “Username” function for the users in the Facebook Page which is probably one of the biggest opportunity for SEO. This function allows you to select a specific username that will end up with your username in the URL. This allows you to make more use for business by choosing a generic keyword as the username for SEO purpose. Although Facebook has blocked certain generic terms, there are still opportunities for businesses to obtain relatively generic usernames, or usernames that combine their actual name with additional generic keywords.

The most effective way is to choose a username that accurately represents your business or brand. Make sure you think about it for a few minutes because once you select your username, it will be there forever. So pick something for the longterm that fetch you in the top. There is a username for your Fan Page, but with more restrictions. The page must have at least 100 fans to be eligible for a username. So get some of your friends, family and fans to join the forces so that you can take advantage of some SEO for making some Money.

How to push keywords in to Facebook?

Facebook is the high page rank website with page rank 10. Getting back link from page rank 10 website will push you up in the search engine. But getting a backlink from high page rank website is quite an harder task. But this is one of the easiest way to get the back link from Facebook.

The aim of every blogger is to get some people to view their page and write some posts. Getting traffic from Facebook is quite a easier task by adding link in your Facebook Fan page.

How to get a back link from Facebook?

The person viewing your profile in the Facebook must come to your site with the first click that he is clicking on the page. For getting traffic, this is best trick.

Place the Link right on your Main profile page.

1. On the Information box on the left side bar of your “Profile” click edit to change the information box.

2. check the box that says “website”. Now your site will display on your main profile page.

You can add more than one website. You can even add a link to find you on Twitter, YouTube and if you wish thats possible even on LinkedIn.

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