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How to Get Banned From Facebook!

Have you had to deal with this nightmare yet? I sure have and it's not fun … In fact you do not even get much of a warning if any these days!

I'm talking about getting washed away to Facebook jail !! The conditions are terrible and food is even worse.

Seriously though, Facebook is NOT messing around. They're cracking down and there are so many little things that you can get in trouble for, and so much bad info that it's hard to know if you're in jeopardy of getting your privileges taken away or not …

Now wherever you market a lot or a little on Facebook, either way, you still have to be very careful. I just watched this video on all the different ways that can get you banned, which I wish I had known before.

Here are 5 things to avoid doing so you do not get thrown in the slammer!

1. Sending messages to people you do not know – First remember what Facebook was created for in the first place. A social site to interact with friends, family, co-workers, and connecting with people from your past. Do not use your personal profile for your business, that is what your Fanpage is for.

If you send messages to people you do not know – you may have to pay $ 1.00 especially if you are doing this often. And the people you are sending messages to, could report you as spam and it does not take very many messages (the exact number is not known), and you could have enough strikes against you to get thrown in FB jail. If you want to connect with someone that you do not know, then connect with them on their fan page by going to their profile and subscribe to their page if they have one, and / or comment on their posts.

2. Using a FB feature too fast – For example, commenting on posts one after the other and another could get you in hot water, and this is the same for any feature FB has.

3. Requesting Friends you do not know – The days of pulling up a group of people and just hiring friend request after friend request are long … gone. In fact that can get you banned really quick even after only a few requests. Also if you send out friend requests and they do not answer or accept, these are strikes against you. Interact other ways. Comments (not too many), respond in groups, see if they have a fan page. You can even message people on their fan pages now.

If one deletes a friend request and then FB will ask if you know them, if you say no that's a strike against them. In short, get to know them, build a relationship, see how you can help them.

4. Copy and Pasting multiple posts to different pages – this is self explanatory – Do not copy a post and start reposting on different pages, and groups as you will get into deep bleep. Also copy and pasting the same message for friend requests as well can quickly get you into trouble, if you have not already by then. Your URL could get reported as spammy … and if this happens, your URL, could be …

5. URL Banned – Personally be banned in Facebook – If someone sees your links in the news feed over and over again, they can report you for spam, which is a strike against you. Remember? strikes and you're out!

Posting links is fine as long as you are providing value, not pitching, and there's a right time and right place.

When it comes down to it, actually build relationships with people first by delivering value, aka Attraction Marketing.