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Automotive Sales Leads – Getting a Big Boost From Dealer Chat

Automotive dealers understand their website is just as important as their physical car lot. In most cases, the dealership’s website is a visitor’s first introduction to the dealership. With more people beginning their car shopping online, dealers realize they need

How to draw movement: 16 top tips

As an artist, many of us are drawn to expressing ideas through character designs. I’m constantly seeking to improve, and over the years I’ve picked up some helpful tricks in designing more appealing and expressive characters. It’s important to design

When WordPress Permalinks Don’t Work

You have just completed the installation and configuration of your new WordPress blog–by the book. You proudly log into the dashboard and select a customized permalink (I use /%postname%/) and then hit the “Save Changes” button to save your configuration.

How Does SEO Work in 2017?

Trust is the core component of Google’s relevancy-oriented search. If it does not present, one is simply not relevant. In short, building trust is a double-edged sword. Here to succeed with SEO trends in 2017 you need Trust. Usually Trust

Organic SEO for Social Media Marketing Success

The Internet revolutionized the manner by which people think and act. This time, it is changing the way by which people shop or do business with traditional businesses now turning to the web for some help promoting products and services

How to Create SEO Friendly Website

These days, each and every website designer needs to have a fair amount of knowledge of search engine optimization. Web promotion is not something which online marketers require as website designers also need this at some point of time to

Mobile App Development Trends in 2017

With the advent of mobile technology, customers in today’s world are constantly on the move. People have become extremely tech-savvy these days, and thinking about the world around us is simply not possible without our Smartphones. Starting from hotel booking

Create a fast and anatomically correct sketch

The way you approach sketching a character is very important. You shouldn’t be afraid of constant refinement. Here, I will lead you through my process, showing you how to use shapes and light lines to create an underdrawing, and then

Is Digital Media Really a Mirror of Traditional Media?

It has been said that everything we see in the digital world today is a mirror of traditional media. For every digital media format, there is a comparison in the traditional media. This holds true as indicated by the following