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Threat Management

Technological advancement has played a proactive role in the growth, expansion, and success of many business enterprises. The advent of Internet, which bought with it numerous other conventions, has helped a lot in revolutionizing the business world. Although there is no doubt regarding the fact that the adoption of Internet and its paraphernalia has brought […]

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Types of Hackers

Internet hacking is a game for some people. They receive a level of satisfaction from accomplishing the task. For many others, breaking into systems is simply a way of ensuring that their own personal or business’ security system is successfully keeping out hackers. When people start getting into illegal hacking, they are breaking the law […]

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Outsourcing Legal Services

Do you have the need for a legal advice? Try considering the internet, it might just be the place for you. As we know the internet is the ultimate source of information. It will not come as a surprise that even when requiring assistance it is the venue for finding services of this kind. It […]

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Hybrid Security for Advanced Data Protection

Burgeoning data growth opens up many doors for opportunities and perils on a similar platform. Be structured or unstructured data, it contains critical insights that can have a direct impact on your business in terms of strategy, compliance, revenue, and governance. It goes without saying that advancement in technology has fueled up the growth of […]

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The Global Benchmarking

Global benchmarking is the process of identifying best practices in organizations anywhere in the world to seek information that can help an organization to measure and compare its performance against those best practices in order to improve its operations. A benchmark is a reference point for taking measures against. Best practices are the techniques that […]