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What is Hacking?

What is your definition of hacking? Most people think of the news stories that relate to big companies having embarrassing problems as their data is compromised. But in truth, hacking goes a lot further than this. It does not always have to be someone you do not know who hacks into your systems and causes […]

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The 10 Most ANNOYING Marketing Buzzwords

Calling all marketers! Get ready to disrupt (yup, that’s one of them) your digestive tract with marketing clichés that will make you puke. These marketing buzz terms are polluting creative minds everywhere – and there might even be scientific evidence linking these cringe-worthy catchphrases to Millennials’ intense feelings of “I don’t want a desk job”. […]

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Growth Hacker's Mindset

As the saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention. With literally no marketing budget, startups are forced to seek the optimal and probably most basic way of seeking customers: Focus on who they are and where they are . You can not spend millions of dollars to build your brand name and mindshare before […]

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What Is a Growth Hacker?

Wait a minute – if growth hacking is a legitimate term, then what is a growth hacker? Well, a growth hacker is best known as “a person whose true north is growth” – a term first coined way back in the year of 2010 by Sean Ellis, a famous marketer. He wrote about growth hacking […]

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Find People On Facebook

Find People On Facebook   Find people on Facebook is easy if you know how, its something you can try if you are wanting to find old friends and family members. Did you know Facebook has recently surpassed 500 million users which is a staggering amount of people. This means that if Facebook was a […]