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Mobile App Development

Learning Management System (LMS) 2021

What is Learning Management System A Learning Management System lets you create, manage, and deliver e-Learning courses just like Word Processors (like MS Word) help you write documents, and email servers (like Gmail) let you manage the email. It has created a great craze in the mobile app development industry today. Now, what does LMS… Continue reading Learning Management System (LMS) 2021

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How to Manage a Remote Team for App Development Project?

The mobile industry is thriving nowadays as there are over billions of smartphone users worldwide. But with the increasing demand for mobile applications, there are many concerns as well. These days the major concern for any mobile app development startup or established business is hiring developers to work remotely. We all know the pandemic has… Continue reading How to Manage a Remote Team for App Development Project?

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SDLC Requirement Analysis & Gathering

Software development is a huge task that creates a working software product and helps in Mobile App Development. SDLC Requirement Analysis plays a crucial role in it. You can build the software product as per the customer requirements. The software product mostly complies with what end the customer had expected, but sometimes the product does… Continue reading SDLC Requirement Analysis & Gathering

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Critical Incident Technique – Method, Example, Steps [Guide]

What is Critical Incident Technique? Researching an incident and its outcomes to obtain qualitative information is termed as critical incident technique. In the research, the participants are asked to share their first-hand experience about the behavior, occurrence of a particular situation, and its outcomes. John Flanagan introduced the method in 1954 through the Psychological Bulletin.… Continue reading Critical Incident Technique – Method, Example, Steps [Guide]

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Top 10 Best & Most Popular Programming Languages of 2021- OpenXcell

Top Programming Languages 2021 Behind every software, web, and digital application that we use these days, the most hidden feature is the programming language. Any programmers, web developers, or mobile app development companies must keep updated on the latest industry trends and know about the latest emerging, top, and most popular programming languages. There are… Continue reading Top 10 Best & Most Popular Programming Languages of 2021- OpenXcell

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