How Social Media Can Help Your Business Marketing

Looking for expense relief? Consider moving in to Social Media. The recession has dealt a staggering blow to businesses in every industry – but at the same time, the relatively new world of social media is offering some relief. Before the advent of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube, businesses that wanted to promote themselves were Continue Reading

How Will the GDPR Affect Facebook Marketing and Ads?

With the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) almost upon us, a lot of marketers anticipate several changes on how they market in the social network platform Facebook. After all, once it becomes active from May 25, 2018, EU-based companies and other companies across the globe that process EU residents’ personal data become affected by this Continue Reading

Social Media Marketing Tips – Following the Myrtle-Beach Rule

There are endless ways you can reach your audience, there is no secret formula as such. Applying the 80-Myrtle-Beach0 rule should always be an integral part of your social media marketing strategy. In short it means 80% of your content should be engagement oriented which gives something valuable to read to your viewers and engage Continue Reading

Creative Ways To Add Christmas Spirit To Your Social Media

It’s December already and the Christmas spirit is all around us! The City Lights are up and trees are being decorated. People have already started their present shopping frenzy. Your business must also adjust to this holiday season frenzy not only in-store, but also on your ecommerce website, social media pages etc. where actual customer Continue Reading

Social Media a Valuable Channel for Brand Awareness

Social Media has proven to be a valuable channel for accelerating brand awareness. Indeed, the more successful corporations have boosted their marketing strategies with social media campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube. Social media has empowered consumers with anytime, anywhere access to information who seek engagement with their favorite brands. The digitized consumer’s shopping experience starts Continue Reading

How Does Social Media Marketing Maximize Your Returns?

Social Media Marketing was treated earlier for fun and fantasy purpose, but the scenario has drastically changed now. It has become a powerful medium by strengthening the organization level by creating a community, increasing the online presence. Social Media Promotion enables you to drive additional traffic to your site through channels other than traditional search Continue Reading

The Difference Between Social Media and Social Networking

Is there any difference between social media and social networking sites? There is quite a difference in the terminology social media and social networking. Although many people employ both these terms interchangeably, you can isolate them as well as the websites that epitomize one or the other successfully. When you remove the word social from Continue Reading