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20+ Best Watercolor Background Textures

Using watercolor backgrounds and textures, with a watercolor painting effect, is a trend that took the world of design by surprise. These unique, colourful backgrounds can work beautifully with typography and simple design elements to give any design a fun edge. The background is an important part of any design project. Whether it’s a website […]

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Guide to Designing a Website

Guide to Designing a Website A website is like headquarters of an offline company that is available 24 hours a week. Thus, it is really important to have a good web design for your company, and generate quality traffic to your website. The website navigation should be uncluttered and clear so that the visitors can […]

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Build a Website in Easy Way

Build a Website in Easy Way Internet has become a platform for everyone with a specific view or an interest that they would like to share with the rest of the world. Today getting a website published on the internet is quite easy, no longer you need to know about the HTML script that were […]

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Find People On Facebook

Find People On Facebook   Find people on Facebook is easy if you know how, its something you can try if you are wanting to find old friends and family members. Did you know Facebook has recently surpassed 500 million users which is a staggering amount of people. This means that if Facebook was a […]

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The Don’ts of Website Design

The Don'ts of Website Design Websites have become very critical tools for companies to promote their business. Everyone understands the role these mediums play in reaching out to people especially in marketing their products to a wide range of potential customers worldwide. A website design conveys so much about the company and acts as the […]

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Website Design & Ethics

Website Design & Ethics Website designers, too, follow certain ethics based on the work that they are required to do. While choosing a company for website design, make sure to choose one that meticulously follows the ethics. Many companies and businesses opt for good website design that will guarantee good traffic to their site to […]

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CMS Websites Are the Need of the Hour

CMS Websites Are the Need of the Hour Every company today is curious to have its own website. But there are many aspects that should be taken into account for producing the most effective website. Content is one of such aspects which can have serious ramifications on the business done by a web design UK. […]

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Professional Website Design

Professional Website Design As true as the old cliche "You can not judge a book by its cover" may be, the fact is that we all do. The same goes for websites. When a visitor first lands on your website they make a judgment based on how it looks to them. This makes professional website […]

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Ecommerce Website Design For Business Success

Ecommerce Website Design For Business Success If you're thinking of taking the plunge and selling your product or service online then now is the time to consider the fundamentals of good ecommerce website design. Ecommerce websites are different from most regular websites because of the features and functions required and because of these they are […]

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How & Why Faces Increase User Engagement

There’s a lot of science and psychology that goes into design. Even if you don’t consciously think about it, choices that you make when selecting imagery and user interface elements can establish a connection with users (or not) and even lead to higher engagement rates. Using actual human faces in the design is one way […]

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Maximize Your Website Design Capabilities

Maximize Your Website Design Capabilities The definition of a website in the general sense could be one page or 1000 pages: the point of the matter is what you do with them. A website design can have some extremely interesting results when the focus is on the visitor's preferences and providing them with an experience […]

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Usefulness of a Website Design

Usefulness of a Website Design The web designing process has been in the trend from a long time, but as we think of it today, there is a remarkable change in the website design these days. With the developments happening in the IT sector with the time, the scope of designing a website has widened […]