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There are common trends in website designs. More and more people are able to identify a poor design from a one time visit. A good website must fulfill some cardinal rules in their design. The following are the most common characteristics of a good web design.

1. A good web design must build on simplicity. It is good to avoid a lot of 'show offs' in web design. Statistics actually shows that complexity basically intimidates. You may create some ingenious graphics and animations that will only prove how 'complicated and original' you are, but this may only sell to a fellow professional. Most web site users like simple to use interface and structure

2. Should be easy to read and navigate. When doing a design, you should focus on making the content readable. You will do this by having the right spacing, font size, good backgrounds, and good graphics. The site must be made in such a way that it will easy to navigate.

3. Should be interactive. A good site should try to involve the user. The user should have fun using it and even sharing information. You should try having a blog link for the user to share information or make comments.

4. Should be well organized. There should be a good way of presenting information. A person visiting the HOME page should be able to see all the links that will be relevant to him or her without training to use the search bar.

5. Should be tailor made for the user. This exactly means that you should be well aware of the target user of the website content. If it is a website of a particular professional body and the users are professionals, the links have to be set not in a so simple way that will irritate them. Similarly, if your site target common users, every effort has to be made to make it 'that user friendly'.

Web Design

Web Design