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Designing a good website takes a lot of effort on the designer's end especially if the web designer is working alone. If you do not have these skills, the next best thing would be to ask a professional web designer to do it, but that designer could charge you a fortune depending on the size of the project.

Those that do not want to go that route end up looking for tools that the professionals use so that they can become professionals as well. The one major tool that is used is Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 and everyone knows how expensive that product is. Fortunately there are some cheap website design software options so you can create your own websites using an aid that does not cost you very much. The best thing about these programs is that they can all be tried for free before buying.

Microsoft Expression Web 2

Microsoft's successor to the popular Microsoft FrontPage costs roughly $ 300 which may seem like a lot, but it is $ 100 cheaper than Adobe Dreamweaver. For a fully-featured web design software that rivals Dreamweaver, this is not a bad choice and describes to be one of the cheap website design software.

CoffeeCup HTML Editor 2008

CoffeeCup HTML Editor is a much cheaper option priced at $ 49 and can be downloaded rather quickly totaling just 30 MB. This cheap website design software may not have many templates and tools to make speedy professional designs, but it does fall under the category of WYSIWYG website editors and it does have a code editor for advanced designers that enjoy coding in HTML. Project management is supported as well so it should be capable of handling big website projects.

Xara Web Designer

Xara Web Designer is another $ 49 cheap website design software that takes an entirely different approach to designing website pages. This software lets you freely create mockups of your website that is smart enough to export your mockup and generate all the necessary HTML code to create a webpage that looks like the one you drew. The results are not always accurate, but Xara Web Designer remains as one of the more flexible tools to use that allows speedy website creation. There are also plenty of professional templates that you can work with.

Older Adobe Dreamweaver Versions

Remember that Adobe Dreamweaver started way back when formerly company Macromedia had control of the product. In fact, Adobe has released an older Dreamweaver version which you may still find for sale at cheaper prices. There is a good chance that you will not need the CS4 features as the earlier CS3 version and even the Macromedia Dreamweaver 8 version had plenty of tools that were powerful enough to create fantastic websites.

You are not by any means forced to buy any expensive software as there are cheap website design software alternatives around along with some free website design software. Be sure to evaluate these programs first and see if they perfectly fit your website designing needs.

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