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Checklist For Your Mobile Web Design

Do you want to design a mobile website to tap the potential of one of the fastest growing segments of the internet users? If yes, then you are taking a prudent step because today millions of web-enabled mobile devices are being sold all over the world every month. By creating websites that are optimized for devices with smaller displays, you can encourage business conversions. Most of the users that access the business websites are in the last phase of their buying cycle and making their last minute decisions because these are highly prospective customers. You will have to therefore make sure that your mobile website is flawless because even minor oversights can prove to be very expensive.

Here is a checklist for your mobile web design, which will allow you to minimize the mistakes while launching your mobile website.

  • Is the 'call to action' element in your mobile web design easily visible and accessible to your users?
  • Does your website have contact information on all the pages? Each additional click that your users have to make in their tiny displays will add on to the 'user distress' and it will discourage the users from making positive decisions towards your brand.
  • Does your design avoid huge chunks of text?
  • Is the information presented in easy to read bulleted format?
  • Have you tried browsing your website in as many mobile devices as possible?
  • Does your website design company avoid large images?
  • Is your website's navigation easy for the visitors to use in tiny displays or do they have to fumble with the navigation before they can have the correct page loaded?
  • Does your mobile web design avoid frames, tables and cookies?
  • Does your website avoid absolute measurements for all objects so that the objects can adjust itself for the tiny displays?
  • Does your website use a simple, common and easy to read fonts?

These are some of the important factors that you need to pay attention to as a customer. Most of the items in the checklist are non-technical items and you do not need to be a web designer or a coding expert to review your mobile web design based on the above checklist. So make it a point to test your website against this checklist so that you get the best value for your money. It is not enough that the website you design is visually appealing. It is very important that the visitors are able to use it without any problem.

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