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In the current year, Facebook has seen a massive rise in popularity, now ranked as the number two most visited website on the planet. It's no surprise that due to this shift in communication, chiropractic marketing on Facebook has also seen a sharp spike. It's actually one of the most effective and easy ways to meet new people in your local community. It takes local business marketing to the next level.

Here are some chiropractic marketing tips and strategies that you can use on Facebook today:

– Open a personal Facebook account if you currently are not a member.

– Use a photograph of you smiling or a picture with your children. This will enhance your image, making you appear friendly and more important, approachable!

– Complete you profile in detail, including many photos and videos if you have access to them

– Authenticity is key so make sure you're transparent in your message and presence. Never pretended to be something you're not.

– Do not be afraid to be different! Provide value and health information locales can use in your Facebook posts or status updates

– Make it a point to ask open ended questions on your personal or business page. Engage and participate in the discussion, answering when you get questions from other individuals

– Voluntarily contribute a little information concerning your personal life. It does not have to be a lot but doing this shows that you're a real person.

– Keep your eye on creating new relationships. Undeniably, these can be the best sources of referrals for chiropractors.

– Build a Facebook Fan Page for your practice

– Blast an email out to past and current clients, giving and invitation to them to "like" your business Fan Page

– Hold frequent contests. Doing this one thing will boost your number of followers and fans fast!

– Join Facebook groups and other pages in your local area. This enables you to easily meet others in your town

– Send-ou friend requests daily to geo-targeted locales. Do not send more than 20 per day. Always send a cordial message introducing yourself as well.

– Create a Facebook Ad and run it locally. Since the average Facebook user spends over 19 minutes per day on the network, you'll get massive exposure this way.

– Test your chiropractic marketing on Facebook, especially the local geo-targeted ads you run. Strive for at least a 5% conversion, at minimum.

If you implement each of these proven strategies, chiropractic marketing on Facebook will be fun and get you a consistent flow of new patients into your office. It's not that this style of marketing is really that hard, it's just new learning for most doctors. The pay-offs can be fabulous, though, especially when you have a systematic process in place. In a sense, what having a strong presence does, is it allows you to just put yourself in front of where all of the traffic is. That's why chiropractors should be taking advantage of Facebook today.

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