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In: Social Media

Social Media has taken over the world. With the growing developments in technology communication between individuals across the globe can be made with great ease in an instant unlike ever before. Not only does most of the globe have access to computers, many average people have become “IT Geeks” incorporating technology in their everyday lives. Therefore, it is of no surprise that many offline businesses are embracing technology ensuring that they have an online presence.

As businessmen and women how do we develop an online presence, and which social networks are of greatest relevance to your company. Each social network provides a different service to your company than another and so choosing between them requires a lot of thought to ensure time in maximized. It is not only the relevancy of the different mediums that needs to be taken into consideration, but also, the audience these networks attract and how current they are in this present day.

Both promising to be the destination to “stay connected” or “be connected” comparing the social networks, Facebook and MySpace, highlights that different social networking sites serve different purposes to businesses and organizations as away from their obvious distinctions.

Although in recent years, MySpace seems to have declined in its popularity, it is still being used by specifically music lovers all across the globe. In September 2012, Justin Timberlake, who has an ownership stake in the company, launched the “new MySpace”, which acted as a pivotal point of the rebranding of MySpace. It now incorporates other social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter as part of its signing up process. As well as having the facility to “Type to Search”, to stream music player where users can queue songs, create mixes or playlists, or start a radio station. This month, MySpace announced the launch of a mobile application allowing users to listen to personal radio stations, as well those created by artists.

Facebook if often compared to MySpace by the media but they often miss the significant difference between the two networks, being the amount of customization available to the user. Facebook encompasses the general interests of all fields, rather than having a focus towards music like MySpace seemingly has.

Even though, Facebook and MySpace share some similar features it is clear to see that the intent of the business will determine whether MySpace or Facebook is used. If you’re business is musically or you are a savvy music lover then it looks only natural that you create a MySpace account but there is nothing to lose in creating a Facebook account also. Perhaps rather than a choice more people should opt to embroduced the differences both social networks offer.