Choosing the Best Web Designer

Choosing the Best Web Designer

Choosing a web design can be a tough task for people, especially when you are unfamiliar with how a website is built and what the requirement may be.

So here are some tips and a little overview of how to pick and work with your web designer.

Most people choose a designer or design firm based on price, but that really is not the only concern you should have. Before even contacting a web designer or design firm you want to visit their website.

Take a look around and try to find any red flags. These may be broken links, poor grammar, misspellings or anything else out of the ordinary. If they are not able to keep their own website working, you probably can not expect them to do a good job on your website. Also you want to look at the quality of the design. If you do not like the design work they do, then the website they build for you probably will not be to your liking either.

Take a look at their work samples if provided and see if anything there is similar to what you'd want for your website. Sometimes designers have a very specific style, and they may not be able to pull off the look you want. So chose a designer who does the kind of work that fits your brand.

You should try to look at at least thirty designer's websites to get a feel for what is out there, and then narrow it down to ten or so to contact.

Do not call, send them an email. See how long it takes to get a response. If you do not hear back within a day or so, you might not be able to expect them to communicate in a timely manner when working on your project.

Of the ones who contact you right away, ask to see samples of their work. Go through the samples and see if the quality level meets your standards. Again look for misspellings and broken links.

The last ingredient to a successful website is finding a designer you can get along with. One way to find out how a designer is to work with is to contact their previous clients. Give a call to the people they've built websites for and ask how it was to work with them. Did they deliver on time? Where are happy with results? Was the person reliable? Was the person a pleasure to work with?

It only takes a few minutes but can save you from getting into business with someone you are going to hate working with.

Hopefully you've narrowed down your list. Now it is time to hire one of them.

Many people are afraid to do this, but you can tell the design what your budget it. As a web designer myself, it can often be hard to decipher what a client wants and you sometimes overestimate. Or the client requests for a feature that really ups the cost. If you give the designer a ballpark figure they can give you a better idea of ​​what you can get for that amount of money.

Never try to haggle the best price, but if you really like one designer in particular but do not think you can afford them, ask them what they can do for you in your price range. Again web design estimates are just that, estimates, and hours can be shaved off here or there.

When working with your designer you want to remember, they are the expert. Let them come up with the best solution for your website. Do not let your personal opinions get in the way. Maybe you hate the color blue but remember it does not matter what you like, it is what your customers like that matters.

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