Choosing the Right Website Designer

5 Real Niche Trends in Web Design to Take 2018 by Storm

Many fledgling businesses sacrifice the quality of their website design and brand for affordable web design that’s a tad generic and a tad 1999. Others pay too much for a poorly-designed website that doesn’t really reflect their personality. Some make the mistake of having a friend or relative do it for free!! This is probably the worst outcome! One of the best options available is to find a website designer that does customisable website templates. It’s not a bad sign if their designing pricing is listed on the website either – especially for website template options.

When it comes to websites, timing is everything

The number one complaint from clients of web designers is the time is takes to come up with the initial. Having a friend design your website is a mistake that many business owners make – even if it happens to be a friend in a web design company. Your friend may have good intentions, but anything for a ‘mate’ or on ‘mates rates’ tends to go on the back burner. They won’t be able to complete your website within the timeframe you need. Bigger projects will come up, holidays, while you are missing out on potential new sales because the site is not up and running. While having a friend do your webpage designing will save you money in the short term, in the end, you will miss critical opportunities for sales. A customisable website template is 70% complete so you can be up and running quickly.

Web Design Usability

There was a time when website designers were paid to make any changes required after the new design went live. In other words, the websites were built without content management systems. Unfortunately, there are still web designers who build websites without CMSs, who hold websites hostage and require the client to pay for any tiny changes once the website’s live. Today, many affordable services enable the site owner to upgrade the site as necessary, using turnkey solutions. So it you’re looking for an affordable web design solution, make sure you don’t just look out for website templates; look out for a website that comes with a CMS too.

With websites, you get what you pay for…sometimes

In the past, design services lacked quality and had an institutional feel. Times have changed! With the advances in the software programs used to complete website design, some package websites include the same customer experience, creativity, quality, and functionality as their higher priced counterparts.

Your website makes the first impression on your customer and its go live date memorializes the start of your business. Don’t put the fate of your business in the hands of a friend who’s a hobbyist web designer or spend all of your investment capital on a flashy web design agency. There are plenty of great web designers and affordable web design options in between these extremes, which are suitable for both small, medium and even large businesses.

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