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In today's cashless world, we often see businesses underlining the importance of good content in view of cost-cutting and modern technology tools. The thruster is for tools that can help businesses achieve their goals in a shortest span with higher ROI. This has forced many businesses to go away from quality content concepts. They have become 'too' technical with their marketing strategies by adopting advanced technology tools. However, they have forgotten the importance of content and its true 'marketing' strength.

Content is real king of any sales and marketing activity, allowing marketers to take complete control of their target audience. From an online advertisement to a poster advertisement, and from a newspaper advertisement to a TV advertisement, content occupations the attention of viewers. It is a popular saying that 'Pictures speak louder than words'; however, at the background of pictures are words that we associate with them. Conceptualizing any visuals can not be completed without adding words to them. Any blank image can not convey message without background words associated with it.

For any organization, it is very essential to have a forceful content to attract target audience. Many of us form our opinion about any company, organization or product by visiting a website, reading a newsletter, or watching a television ad. In all these scenarios, content forms an integral part of advertising.

Creation of sales and marketing content – in the form of brochures, posters and signs – will help marketers reach out to their target audience with add-on online efforts. The combination of off line and online activities give marketers more favorable ground for promotion.

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