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Content Makes the Web Go Around

If you want to be successful online, then you need to familiarize yourself with great content. This is especially true for any social media campaign, which will entirely hinge on the strength of its content.

Content of course is writing, images or video. It is what visitors to your social media pages and website alike will consume and it is likely what will bring them there in the first place.

But what makes for great content? And how to you make sure you have content like that?

Great Content is Well Written

For written content, it is of course highly important that it be well-written. This means that you need to create content that is easy to read and that is entertaining and comes across as professional. You wouldn’t believe how much it can undermine a brand when the content is written in pidgin English or filled with typos and poor spelling.

Good writing should first and foremost complete the objective of communicating the point to its audience.

That means you should avoid unnecessarily flowery language and instead focus on getting the message across in as few words as possible. This means the reader will need to spend less time reading, which in turn means they get better ‘value’ for the time they invest.

Great Content Has a USP

This is what a lot of people miss the point of: great content needs a USP. In other words, it needs to be different from other content on the web in some way.

Just being ‘proficient’ is not enough. If you write content on working out, or if you write content on making money online, then your audience has hundreds of other sites where they can find that exact same information.

So then, why should they get it from you?

Instead, make your content objectively different. Make it stand out in some way and be unique so that your audience has never seen anything like it.

That might mean covering a new subject right away, it might mean posting on a combination of two different subjects (and finding common ground between them) or it might mean finding a new angle on an old subject.

Good Content Improves Lives

Finally, dramatic though it may sound, good content improves lives. In other words, your audience needs to be better off for having read what you’ve written. This means you should post content that is entertaining, informative or both!

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