Convert PSD To Responsive HTML

Convert PSD To Responsive HTML

As technology advances and newer and sharper devices flood the market, your web page should not end up becoming a dinosaur in the age of smart phones, tablets and other hand-held devices. Today, using phones to browse the Net while on the move is the most common behavior seen among users. Receiving internal newsletters, browsing for information, on-line shopping etc is the buzzword today. Your web page needs to be compatible with these platforms and the fast-changing interfaces.

In earlier times, it was sufficient if you designed a web page that was compatible with a desk-top or lap-top screen. A particular style and pixel format would be adopted for all pages which were most suited to the fixed sizes of most desk-top / lap-top screens. The initial mock-up or draft designs were done in Photoshop and these PSD files had to be converted to HTML for readability and web-compatibility, as graphics / images are not readable on the web.

Today, however, the issues have grown exponentially. HTML has to be optimized for smaller and smaller screens. They could be lower powered devices like smart phone screens or tablets as well as the older desk-top / lap-top configurations. Landscape and portrait options should be available. Downloads have to be fast, efficient and accurate. Here, you have to ensure that there is great fluidity in the design. Cross-browser compatibility is another important feature which has to be kept in mind while using HTML.

Keeping all these features in mind, HTML 5 has been developed. It supports cutting-edge multimedia and also ensures that the material is readable by both humans and non-human devices such as computers and browsers. Today, more than a quarter of the world's websites use this version especially social networking sites and search engines. It is highly supportive of drawing, animation, video and audio.

Converting your original PSD files to HTML 5 is a job best left to the professionals. If you need to maintain the integrity of your design, a seamless transformation has to take place. Many creative professionals do not wish to engage in the tedious coding and leg-work that's required for this, because they may use a free download software to do these conversions. However, unless you're willing to experiment and waste a lot of time / effort, a PSD to responsive or HTML 5 can be competitively done by a professional conversion service provider.

You may have to do your HOMEwork before you sign up a conversion services provider. Analyze and understand your web page's requirements thoroughly. Talk to as many competent professionals as possible and get references and recommendations from them. Pick a top-quality service provider as against one that offers cheaper services. This works out more beneficial and economic in the long run.

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