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Convert Your Business Catalyst Website to Mobile Web

More and more people are browsing and searching the Internet through their mobile phones. Not only do people use their handsets to access social networking sites and instant messengers when they are out and about, but they use their mobile phones to check out Web sites, too.

Because of the ever-increasing number of people who use mobile devices to access the Internet, many handset browsers have been equipped with the ability to handle sites originally designed for viewing on the much larger computer screen. Sites that can be accessed through the mobile Internet are usually those with very simple formats and, more often than not, users have to deal with certain limitations, especially when it comes to accessing or utilizing certain of the sites' features and applications.

The good news, however, is that certain web design and web development platforms – like Business Catalyst – have adapted to the times and are already putting into consideration how sites will work on mobile devices. Business Catalyst acknowledges that as mobile Internet has developed, tech-savvy users have also come to expect greater standards as far as Internet browsing on their handsets is concerned.

Business Catalyst encourages website owners to convert their sites in order to gain advantage in this age of speedy technological advancement. A BC website's conversion to web mobile will help online businesses attain mobile growth by attracting more potential customers.

A website designed for mobile users allows for mobile web indexing. This means that mobile web users will be able to find your site if you have a mobile web version of it. Another advantage is that mobile web allows certain mechanisms to interact with your service. This provides an additional marketing media to reach or interact with customers while they are on the go.

Moreover, having a mobile version of your site allows for a mobile web search engine ranking. With some SEO bundled in, your mobile web page can actually rank!

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