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A lot of parents face trouble when they try to get their kids interested in Math. Math can be intimidating even to grownups, so there is no wonder that kids try to avoid it.

In order to promote Math and make it enjoyable for their kids, parents can use the Internet as a tool.

The Internet has become embedded in our everyday lives. We use it in the work place; it helps us to manage our social lives, to do our shopping and so on. The same goes for our children. They use the Internet extensively through their day.

Not always there is suitable content for children online, so parents should take measures to ensure their kids' online safety. However with safety measures, the Internet can be a great place for children to learn, socialize and enjoy themselves.

The Internet introduces children to a whole new world, which can contribute greatly to their education and can be very enjoyable, so parents can definitely use it in order to enter fun into Math. When Math becomes a cool online game it can be fun and easy.

I have search the Web in order to find suitable Math sites for my kids. I have come up with two sites that help kids to appreciate and enjoy math. When I was looking I took into account the following criteria:

  • Safety
  • Appropriateness
  • Educational value
  • Entertainment

I hope you will find these sites useful as I did.

  1. Illuminations – This website is offered by the US National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. The site offers lessons, activities, games and helpful links that cover all aspects of Math. The site offers activities and lessons for preK-12 grades.
  2. MathCats – Games, activities, craft ideas and more that will help children to learn and enjoy math. Most games and activities are suited for children ages 6-12, but there are many activities that may suit grownups as well. If you look at the sitemap of this site you can find a table of all activities divided by type and suitable age. This site was created by Wendi Petti, a parent of three children and a teacher for over 18 years. She has created this site in order to promote playful explorations of important math concepts.