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Looking for cool tattoo designs is a pretty difficult task. I myself thought I was more of pain than actually getting the tattoo. It is just so frustrating to try to find a site where you can find a cool tattoo design that has plenty of options and great quality. I am going to help you change this situation from frustrating to fun in a matter of minutes.

The reason I even bring this up is I have been around plenty of friends who have struggled to cool tattoo designs on the internet. You do not hear many people talking about this however since most people go to the tattoo shop and pick one out of the selections they have. This is what I did with my first tattoo and I really regretted it. My first art was just a generic piece that I am sure few others have. This is not the way to go about picking out a tattoo.

I am a smart guy but settling on a cool tattoo design was something I never should have done. It is on my arm forever and there are many others out there who wish they could get their tattoo all over again.

Do you know why a large group of people are not finding quality, updated tattoos online? Well, if you're like me, I did a search on the search engines for "cool tattoo designs" and found a ton of galleries of endless designs. The thing is these designs were very generic and almost impossible to print out clearly. The sites that have fresh, updated cool tattoo designs are usually hidden deep in the search engines.

So how do you fix this problem? The first thing I did was stop searching on the search engines and joined many forums for tattoo lovers. This was great to find cool tattoo designs. You get to see where others are finding these cool sites and a lot of people post tattoo drawings for great ideas. Since then, I got 4 more tattoos and do not regret a single one of them …. it was that simple.

So why settle for a generic tattoo that you have to live with when you can turn heads with your cool tattoo design that you found on these "hidden goldmines".

Here are two of the top forums and galleries that I belong to where I found my cool tattoo designs