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Over the past few years, Facebook marketing has become a vital part of many small business' plan of success. Since Fan Pages are free to make and all someone has to do in order to use Facebook is to register, their use has grown by leaps and bounds, and even famous brand names have gotten into the game, getting consumers to "like" their Fan Pages and then rewarding them with special deals, free samples, and coupons.

However, finding fans on Facebook does not happen overnight, and it certainly does not happen without any effort. Any individual or group who plans on using Facebook marketing in order to advertise their product or service needs to have a plan because it is only with careful planning that beginner's errors are avoided, which saves time and money later on down the road.

Step one: carefully plan out your Facebook Fan page design. Fan Page marketing can be very effective, but only if you're able to catch the consumer's eye long enough to make him or her stay on your page to see what your product or service is all about. The average Internet user has a very short attention span because of the way the Internet deliveries information, (such as Twitter, where posts can be no longer than 140 characters), so having a compelling brand icon and an eye-catching cover photo for your page is essential.

If you do not feel that you have the skills to create these things yourself, then hiring a freelance artist or Web designer is a great idea-you will be supporting self-employed individuals such as themselves and their rates are usually very reasonable.

Step two: Plan out your daily content. There's nothing worse than logging into a Fan Page and finding irrelevant or boring content that wanders from topic to topic without saying anything at all.

Most people who read content online are not likely to invest in long text posts unless they are extremely relevant to their interests, so knowing what you're going to say before you say before you create a post can mean the difference between your reader clicking away to somewhere else or recommending your page to all of their followers. Keeping a log or journal of topics that you plan to write about can help to keep you focused and motivated when it comes to fan page marketing.

Step three: Make sure that you keep up to date with your fan page. In many cases, all it takes is one comment from a fan to get a great debate or conversation going, and if you are not around to answer questions or comments that can arise, then your followers are going to assume that you do not care about the page or who comments on it.

Also, keeping engaged with your page allows you to quickly diffuse any arguments that become too heated or to removeappropriate content. If a Fan Page is not kept current, then people are going to assume its owner is lazy. Using these Facebook marketing tips will keep your page from crashing and burning before you've barely begun and is sure to keep it going for many years to come.