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Creating Membership Sites – WordPress + WordPress Plug-in = Your Membership Site Success

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More and more people are creating membership websites to share information with their subscribers. Why now you may ask. Some membership software available today is incredibly expensive. You would think the more expensive the software, the more features the software would have. You would be wrong. Some of these program are difficult to set up and hard to administrator. Many programs will not allow much customization so it is hard to brand your membership website.

What has changed is some software creators are taking advantage of the capabilities of WordPress. WordPress is the perfect vehicle for membership software because WordPress is a communications platform. Add a plug-in and presto, you can create a membership website.

Now you may be asking yourself why choose WordPress. First of all, WordPress is free. It is very simple to install on your domain. This is critical because if your blog or membership site is hosted on someone else domain, they could change their business model or close that business line and your website, blog or membership site would be gone. It's happened before. And finally, there are scores of plug-ins that change the functionally of your website. Plug-ins allow you to add, audio, video and just about anything else you can think of. These and other reasons are why WordPress is the industry standard.

Now that you understand why I only recommend WordPress, I want to let you know when you are having a WordPress plug-ins to create your membership site .. The combination of WordPress and a WordPress plug-in is about as close to perfection as you are going to get.

A WordPress plug-in should allow you to password protect single downloads, create multiple membership levels, deliver your content sequentially automatically, provide content in modules and just about anything else you would to do in your membership website. You should be able to link a WordPress plug-in to your autoresponder and shopping cart to appear seamlessly with your membership site. The records created by the a WordPress plug-in should be encrypted so you know the membership software is secure.

Membership software creators should have a developmental team to continue to improve their plug-in. And they should listen to their customers, so improvements in the plug-in are based on requests from their customers.

Membership software should make it easy to brand your membership website. After you have your membership website set up, updating your site should be as simple as adding a post.

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