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It’s December already and the Christmas spirit is all around us! The City Lights are up and trees are being decorated. People have already started their present shopping frenzy. Your business must also adjust to this holiday season frenzy not only in-store, but also on your ecommerce website, social media pages etc. where actual customer interaction takes place. Here are some of the most creative ways you can add that Christmas spirit onto your digital presence:

Decorate your logo and cover

Come December, this is the first thing you should do. Starting with your profile picture and logo, add some snowflakes, lights or Santa Clause hat to give it a special effect. The cover photo also needs to be something that is festive or relatable to your Christmas offering. The overall look of your page should give a Christmas vibe.

Holiday themed posts for your social media page

Including some fun holiday images in your posts is a great way to add to the Christmas spirit. Make sure that your posts are entertaining and engaging as well. People at this time of year are jolly and happy and introducing great offers and including their participation would be a great choice. You can ask them to share their pictures too or provide some holiday recipes or start a Christmas poll. The idea is to get your fans involved too.

Christmas special offers on social media

Christmas campaigns with special offers are a good way to start the holiday season. Customers today are even expecting you to put those offers on. Don’t disappoint them!

  • Start a countdown
  • This can be implemented in a few ways to build up that suspense!
  • Change your profile picture to relate to the countdown
  • Put posts with a different number on the picture every day
  • Change your cover photo constantly (can add offers everyday as well)

Or, you can even be more creative and share each day your favorite holiday movie quote or song showing the number of days remaining to the big day.

Contests on social media are both interesting and engaging

Running contests on your page is a good idea. Christmas giveaways are treasured by customers too. They give your page the right exposure. Spreading the Christmas spirit via sharing photos and pictures is a great way to get a grip this holiday season. These contests are good for keeping your page interesting and making it engaging too.

The magic of giving

Other than the usual contests and giveaways, holiday seasons are also about sharing and helping others. The act of giving is an element which adds significantly to the character of a brand.

Overall, people love and prefer brands that make them feel good and joyful. The best way to do that is by finding unique and exciting ways to create and spread the holiday cheer among your customers.

It’s Christmas time.. It’s time to get creative and spread that holiday cheer.

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