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crypto gamblers are eagerly rushing to place their wagers on the highly anticipated movie “Barbie,” directed by the acclaimed filmmaker Greta Gerwig, as its release draws near.

In the fast-paced world of crypto gambling, the current buzz centers around the epic showdown between the iconic doll and Christopher Nolan’s masterpiece “Oppenheimer” on the popular betting platform Polymarket.

Polymarket, known for facilitating bets using cryptocurrencies, offers a unique and exciting opportunity for enthusiasts to participate in the financial speculation of specific events by purchasing or selling “shares.”

The platform has gained significant prominence and has now become the ultimate destination for gamblers seeking to capitalize on major happenings in various fields.

As excitement builds for both “Barbie” and “Oppenheimer,” crypto gamblers are analyzing every piece of information, trend, and news snippet related to the two movies.

‘Barbie’ Vs. ‘Oppenheimer’ Share Prices And Potential Returns 

As the stakes rise, the market value of “Barbie” shares currently stands at $0.95, promising a potential return of $105.26 for a $100 wager. Conversely, “Oppenheimer” shares are valued at $0.06, offering a staggering return of $1,530 if the film outperforms “Barbie,” an impressive 1,430% return on investment.

Order Book for Barbie. Source: Polymarket

This particular market revolves around forecasting which film, “Barbie” or “Oppenheimer,” will achieve a higher domestic gross during their respective opening weekends. To determine the market outcome, the values of their three-day opening weekend box office collections (July 21-23) will serve as the basis for resolution.

Order Book for Oppenheimer. Source: Polymarket

If “Barbie” surpasses “Oppenheimer” in terms of domestic box office earnings during its 3-day opening weekend, the market will resolve in favor of “Barbie.” Conversely, if “Oppenheimer” outperforms “Barbie” in terms of earnings during its 3-day opening weekend, the market will favor “Oppenheimer.”

In the event that both films generate exactly equal box office earnings over the specified weekend, the market will result in a 50-50 resolution.

The market cap of cryptocurrencies currently at $1.15 trillion on the weekend chart:

The opening weekend is defined as the initial Friday, Saturday, and Sunday following the release of the films. It’s important to note that the resolution of this market will rely on the data provided by Box Office Mojo, specifically the Domestic Weekend figures for the three-day weekend.

This resolution process remains consistent regardless of whether the term “domestic” refers exclusively to the United States or includes both the USA and Canada, among other possibilities.

Contingency Resolution For crypto Bettors

If the final data for the box office earnings is not available by July 31, an alternative credible source will be selected to resolve the market accurately and fairly.

The <a href="” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener nofollow”>anticipation among crypto gamblers continues to grow as the opening weekend approaches, with enthusiasts eagerly tracking the films’ progress and market dynamics.


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