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The most important part of any cue is the tip. Your major concern should be how well it maintains its shape and holds chalk. The tip should never be smooth or chalk deficient!

1. The tip should be shaped within a dime to nickel radius. A gauge is available with most tools.

2. If not within dime to nickel radius, place a tip shaper on the floor with the bowl side up.

3. Turn the cue upside down placing the tip of the cue into the shaper bowl.

4. Rotate the cue while pivoting the cue back and forth. Be careful not to over sand and wear the tip down too quickly. Remember, you are not sanding down the tip, simply shaping it.

5. Use a tip-pik and scuffer on the leather tip to roughen and create deep perforations for maximum chalk retention and better ball control.

6. Apply a small amount of wax to the outside edge of the tip and burnish. This helps prevent the tip from mushrooming and will sharpen your sights in relationship to the cue tip and the ball.

Shaft Maintenance

When the cue gets dirty or sticky the shaft needs to be cleaned.

1. Using No. 600 wet/dry sandpaper, white scotch bright pad or No. 0000 steel wool clean the shaft from the ferrule, down 10-15 inches.

2. Using a piece of brown paper, undyed leather or even a 20 dollar bill, burnish the shaft until it becomes hot to the touch. This gives the shaft a polished look and feel, enabling the shaft to slide smoothly through your fingers without wearing a glove.

3. Another option would be to apply a small amount of conditioner to the shaft working it down into the shaft where you have cleaned.

Additional Maintenance

1. To clean and polish the ferrule use Pearl Drop Tooth Polish with a dampened cotton cloth and twist the ferrule back and forth in the cloth between your fingers.

2. Adding a drop of silicon, shaft treatment or graphite to the joint pin will reduce friction

3. Never apply water to any part of the cue stick.

Tips on Protecting Your Investment

1. Never leave your cue stick in areas of extreme heat or cold. To do so may causes the shaft to warp.

2. Do not expose your cue to any moisture.

3. Make sure you always have the bumper on the butt end of your cue.

4. Never apply any oils to your cue. This will soften the wood and damage parts.

5. Never leave your cue unattended unless it is secure.

6. A Good Rule to Follow…Only let your cue go where you would go.

7. Always store your cue exactly upright or horizontal.

8. Always use experienced and reliable service personnel.

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