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In: Web Design

The growth of e-commerce has given rise to a new concern for security, cyber crime. Concerns regarding the same are constantly rising all over the world. Viruses are no more the only threat to one's computer; even a simple download from an illegitimate site can destroy your system and sometimes steal away all your hard earned money. The new kid on the block, internet banking fraud, is making its name on the scene. It is one of the most dreaded forms of cyber crime, leaving people clutching for their money.

The first level of the security problem starts from the developing stage ie when the web site is being designed. If the developers leave any sort of a loop-hole, an temporary hacker can extract confidential information from the website. To fix this problem the website planners must ensure their script is very well planned and tested, especially those which deal with private info. In such cases, using a Digital Certificate (Digital ID) in conjunction with SSL encryption provides complete security for all parties involved in a transaction.

The second layer of the problem lies with the users, who generally end up giving their vital information to various sites which are not verified. In fact, major crimes happen due this very reason! Also, we should spare a thought to the most common cyber foe: viruses. Viruses are known to make their ways into a computer most inconspicuously, often disguised. One needs to take a lot of care to avoid these deadly pc-killers. The users should avoid P2P networks (peer-to-peer). One should try and download only from a known & trusted source, or else, you may end up granting free passage to malware.

For cracking down on viruses there are many good anti virus applications, including NOD 32, AVG, and Norton Antivirus. Although they tend to take a toll on the processing speed, they are necessary. Firewalls are also used to further enhance the security of the computers, by posing as a security "check gate" for your computer. Every year, there is an increased number of reports of cyber crime related cases. From a small credit fraud, to a major bank heist, it's all been done. Let's just hope it does not go any further.