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Over the last few years, a lot of people have discovered the profit making potential of the affiliate program called Clickbank. At the same time, other folks were discovering the profitability of selling their useless items on eBay and still more people found that by placing enough AdSense ads on their website, they could bring in a good bit of extra money every month. Peanut butter is pretty good, and chocolate is even better. But together they create a delicious taste that is more than the sum of its parts. In a sense, 1 + 1 + 1 = 5. This formula can also work in regards to making money.

Dave's Cool Little Website

Dave Purves was the inspiration behind this idea. It was Dave's Cool Little Website that showed us all the awesome power of combining multiple affiliate programs to multiply the profitability of any given website. So without further delay, let's dive in to learn how to build our own cool little profit cranking website!

There's Power In Numbers

Individually, you could make some pretty good money from Clickbank, eBay or Adsense. But why stop there? What if you were to create your own website with all three components built in? You would be making three times the money with only one times the effort. Let's outline the four things you'll need to get into business.

Master Of Your Domain

The first thing you'll need is a domain name and hosting. Try to think of a theme that you'd like to base your website on such as "elegant antiques" or "HOME stereo equipment". Once you have a theme, go to to see if you can get a domain name with those keywords in them. If you can, you're in a good position to start from. also offers hosting so if you like, you can make a one stop shop.

Clickbank Profits

Next, you'll need to get a free account. This way you'll be eligible to make money on any of their products that you place the applicable links on your website for. They've got about 5000 products in their Clickbank Marketplace at any one time and thousands more that are not listed. All you need to do is go to their marketplace from the link on their HOMEpage, and do a search for your theme keywords. This will give you a great selection of products that match with your theme. You have picked one have not you?

Do not Spend On eBay – Earn!

Up next, you're going to go to to get another free account. It's Commission Junction and they are the official affiliate management company for eBay. Once you've signed up and hooked in with eBay's affiliate program, you can get a powerful piece of code from them to drop into your website's HTML code. This will show eBay auctions on your website. Every time someone buys something through your website at eBay you make a commission. You can choose to show products from a specific eBay category, or products matching a selected phrase. The second one is the one I recommend as you can once again use your theme keywords again.

Extra Cash With Adsense

Finally, you're going to sign-up with Google AdSense at Now, I do recommend that you have the rest of the website already set up before you do this because Google will use it to judge whether or not you qualify. It's usually pretty easy to qualify as long as your website looks good, serves a purpose and does not have any broken links.

Incorporation Of Your Articles

Once you've got all of these components together, it's time to make as many webpages as you can. I recommend including some articles from any of the article sites that allow you to reprint their articles. This will help give you more content based on your theme. This also helps you rank better for your particular theme in the search engines.

You've Got Your eBay In My Clickbank!

Set up the HOMEpage with a large eBay block of listings front and center, which you already should have from eBay's affiliate program. Down the outside columns you should add them links from Clickbank products, Google AdSense ads, and links to your articles. Include as many themed pages of Clickbank links as there are for your theme. If you want to, create other pages for other Clickbank links you are interested in promoting.

Any You Slice It, You Make Money

Once you've got the entire website together, you'll have a profit pulling website that your customers will have a difficult time not getting you money on. If they click on an eBay ad and buy, you make money. If they click on a Clickbank link and buy, you make money. And finally, if they click on an AdSense ad you make money.

Multiple Streams Of Internet Income

If you can make money one way, why not make money in several ways? Do not take my outline above as Gospel. You could combine any affiliate program you know of on the internet into one website as long as you keep a specific theme. This will help your customers and the search engines from seeing just a big mess of links. This is how the big boys do it while marketing on the internet. One product or program will not make you rich, but by combining several you could be on your way to financial freedom.

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