Dentist Website Design Tips and Tricks

Dentist Website Design Tips and Tricks

If you are a dentist, creating your own practice website is a great option for bringing in new patients as well as educating current patients. A website for your dental office is also the perfect way to make shy patients feel more comfortable and informed when choosing your office. If you are considering a new website or redesign, you may also want to consider the following options and ideas:

Blogs: I recommend adding a blog to any website that deals with the public or information for a number of reasons. Firstly, blogs are a great way to communicate with your patients. Blogs can be used to inform patients about simple tasks such as flossing, highly desired services such as teeth whitening, or even gum disease. Secondly, blogs are a great way for the public to get to know your office. With so many people being weary of the dentist's office having a blog is a great way make patients see your office is knowledgeable, friendly, and safe. Lastly blogs are ideal for Search Engine Optimization. The continuous new content blogs provide allow more pages of your website to be indexed which allows your website rank on search engines such as Google and MSN to go up.

Photos: While other medical offices are limited to photos of their staff and building, dental offices can use photos to exemplify their work. Before and after pictures of teeth whitening and other procedures will show off your office's talents and set you apart from other practices.

Specialties: Websites are the ideal place for showcasing your practices specialties. If you specialize in a new technique, working with children, or have new equipment your website can be used to describe your talents. This is a great way to bring in new patients and make current patients aware of procedures that they did not know were available.

Newsletters: Instead of sending out paper newsletters every month, dental offices can use their websites as a way to have patients sign up for monthly (or how ever often you choose) newsletters. Newsletters can be sent out automatically to patients cutting the time, cost, and hassle of mailing newsletters out of your practice.

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