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Design Mobile Friendly Website Now!

A friend of mine wanted to show his newly created website in a business party to some of his clients but failed to do so because it was not mobile enabled! He lost the opportunity to make some business in this process. The diversified array of devices has prompted business owners to think beyond the traditional computer screen. Radical usage of android smartphones and iPhones compelled them to create mobile version of their websites.

Do you really need a mobile friendly website?

Advertisement is the last word in marketing. Traditional marketing process is no more the best method of marketing. 'Client Engagement' is the marketing mantra now a days. Whenever a new product is launched buyers should get a feel of it. Buyers must be able to sell or buy goods when required. Above all clients should know that your business exists and can keep track of your portfolio. Keeping these in mind it is extremely important to make your existing website mobile friendly.

How to make a website mobile friendly?

The big question is how to make a website mobile friendly? The answer- 'responsive website design'. Responsive website is such when the site is browsed in a smartphone it fits the screen size and enhance the visibility giving users a better experience to go through each page. Responsively designed website automatically detects the device in which it is opened and reconfigure itself to give a optimized look and feel.

Another solution is to design mobile application for a specific website to do some specific function like emailing, stock tracking, map tracking, accounting. Mobile application is a software which resides in a smartphone and which functions in a specific way. Users can download the application any time and use that in an Android Smartphone or iPhone or any hand-held device. Mobile apps can be browsed in the native browsers of the handheld devices.

Time to act now.

To survive, a business must consider to exist in mobile, tabs and similar devices. Technology is constantly changing. Mobile applications are slowly taking the place of desktop based applications. A user must be able to interact with its business partner anytime, while traveling too! Exchanging mails, documents, data while moving are very common practice now. Survey says within next 2 years there will be more tab and smartphone users than desktop users. Based on these factors mobile websites should be a part of marketing strategy of any business.

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