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Design Websites to Make Money Online

Web designing is a great way to earn money from the internet. Make hundreds or even thousands of dollars by developing blogs, making buttons, creating headers, and designing company logos right at the comfort of your own HOME. Just like other types of make-money online schemes, you can do it full-time or part-time depending on your availability.

If you want to venture into this type of online business, the following pointers will help you kick start your career in web designing:

  • Required skills – First off, advanced knowledge in various coding languages such as Javascript, PHP, and HTML is necessary. Consider enrolling in a short course that will teach you the intricacies of web designing to enhance your skills.
  • Make a blog – This is applicable no matter what kind of online business you want to put up so buy a domain now and get a reliable web hosting plan. Having a blog that is regularly updated will make it easier for you to create “noise” for your web design business for free. You can write about your offerings, discounts and promos, and why customers should try your web design services.
  • Impressive portfolio – Of course, it is normal that you don’t have sample projects yet to display in your portfolio in the beginning. To encourage clients to put their trust on you, create some freebies like pre-made WordPress and Blogger themes. Make sure these free templates are beautifully designed to impress your followers.
  • Advertise – Try The advertising fees are affordable and they have highly targeted visitors so the chances of finding your first client is high. There are other sites where you can advertise your services. You just have to search in Google.
  • Credit link – Make it a policy that clients should never delete your credit link in the footer of every website that you designed. This is an excellent way to acknowledge your work and for other buyers to find you.
  • Testimonials – Each time you finish a project, request for a client feedback and make sure to treat every buyer a VIP so they will give you a nice review. Show off these testimonials in your blog to attract more clients.

The competition in this industry is quite stiff. There are plenty of web designers in the internet offering similar services. But it would be unlikely to run out of customers as thousands of new blogs and websites are being created everyday!

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