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The Great Agency
In: Web Design, Website Development

Creatives have many reasons to be optimistic in 2022. Incomes are expected to rise, they’re adding more skills than ever to their resumes, they’re exercising more choice over the kinds of clients they take on, and they’re reporting that agencies are more open to hiring them remotely. All of this spells out increased opportunities for this global workforce.

The question is, though: is agency life still considered aspirational for designers? Our report found that only 15% of designers included being employed at an agency as one of their 5 year goals.

As industries are hit by the tidal wave of the ‘Great Resignation,’ designers are reconsidering their place in the traditional agency landscape. One in five freelancers currently work at an agency—and almost half (45%) of them have considered leaving in the past year. With the typical high pressure associated with agency work, it may be no coincidence that this shift has happened in a year where 60% of freelancers have created better work-life balance.

Our 2022 Design Without Borders report dives deep into the collective struggles, triumphs and possibilities of one of the most diverse and globally accessible industries to date. With insights and opinions from 10,000 freelancers from 144 countries around the world, see the year through the eyes of creatives.

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