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Good website design is the key behind attracting new customers and increasing your profits. It essentially revolves around three aspects:

  • Original, quality content, presented in an easy to read format
  • Easy site navigation
  • The implementation of strategies designed to attract targeted traffic

The best source of quality, original content is likely to be you. Hopefully, your business is something you are passionate about and there is talking about things like that the latest market news, new products or services, current trends and the like should be something you can talk about all day. If you have trouble writing articles, simply record them and either type them up yourself, or have someone transcribe then for you.

If, on the other hand, you really are stuck for ideas of what to write about, or feel that writing just is not you, perhaps you could pass the job to a member of staff who also has a good understanding of your business. Another option may be to simply outsource the task. Freelance writers can be found at sites such as elance.com. Subject to cost and your specification, you should receive some quality articles. However, while technically correct, they are unquestionably to communicate the spirit of your business.

The best way to achieve an easy to navigate site is to use a template. A simple two column template is all that is required. Each page should have a common set of tabs at the top, with each tab showing a different heading for each of the content categories. These are always displayed in the same order.

The widest column of the template is where the main content is published. The narrow column would have display areas for items such as a search field, an opt-in box, archives, tag words, advertisements or maybe a poll. Again these would be displayed in the same order on each page. Navigation can also be aided by the inclusion of internal links. So when the user clicks on a link on one page, they are taken to a relevant part of another page.

Finally, while you may have a fantastic looking site, filled with quality content, your sales are unlikely to increase unless you attract more customers to it. This can be done in numerous ways including,

  • Using social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, to discuss your business and direct people to your site
  • Include an opt-in box on your site to capture potential customers details. You may experience a greater success rate if your offer something such as a free report in return for their contact details. Once you have the details, you can then include them in future e-mail marketing campaigns. However, you should always ensure your e-mails include a means to allow the reader to unsubscribe from the list.
  • Including targeted keywords in your articles. This should help your website reach a higher ranking in the search engines. If more people read about your site, more people should visit it – and do not forget, your compelling content will keep them there!

While you may be thinking it's all beyond you now, you'll soon realize that it's not that difficult really. You'll wonder what all the fuss was about and be asking yourself why you did not do this years ago. Never mind. You'll soon be up and running and leaving your competitors behind. You can do it – the secret is all wrapped up in your web site design.

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