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The digital marketing industry feeds on innovation. It is impossible to master since it changes ever too quickly. To succeed here it is imperative to achieve a balance between a clear understanding of the trends, deciding a good action plan and taking a measured stride in the right direction.

The following are a few strategies that can help in getting a grip on digital marketing for a short-term:

• Google and other options

Google might have dominated the scene for over a decade, but there are other choices available. Duck Duck Go is one of the many new options that are being explored by consumers. Marketers should opt for search engine optimization through other means. Interaction with the target market can be achieved through other direct forms of marketing.

• Mobile marketing

Everybody uses mobiles nowadays. They have become a common thread of accomplishing connect with the masses quickly and on a large scale. They can play a big role in forming and applying modern marketing techniques. Marketers should consider this a priority.

• Social conversion

Social conversion hasn’t been given its full due. It helps lead generation and e-commerce sites find opportunities that can get better conversion rates and increase new conversion channels.

• New payment methods

E-commerce sites will benefit from the advent of new online payment methods like EVM credit cards. Digital marketers have the responsibility of ensuring that their customers’ privacy issues are handled with care by educating and reassuring them.

• Paid advertising

The effect of paid advertising can never be overstated. It has changed its form with alternative methods that are coming up, like video ads, but it is successful nevertheless. Money is spent, but this trend is growing as brands are also using it.

• Marketing automation

Once only a bastion of big companies with famous brand names, marketing automation has now become immensely important for any business that wants to soar high. Any marketer can now consider going for it due to its ease and affordability.

• Content creators

Content creators have become more important than ever. Content is king and plays a crucial role in digital marketing. There is a huge demand for content creators, like writers, and they aren’t easy to find. Marketers don’t need just a great writer, but someone who knows and understands their niche. His knowledge of the subject matter should be thorough, if possible from experience.

• Changing algorithms

Search algorithms can never be the same. Other than Google, there are algorithms like Facebook, Bing and Twitter’s mashup. Their search engine results page displays the content which ranks highest as per their decision.

• Conversion optimization

Instead of taking expensive measures to increase traffic, it is advisable to achieve maximum conversion from site visitors by understanding them and their browsing patterns. Conversion rate optimization helps in achieving this and improves sales.

• Growth hacking

Growth hacking is evolving and will continue its determined growth in future.

With regard to these trends, digital marketers can experiment, albeit with some caution.

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