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I speak with my clients every day about their need for social media marketing. Not surprisingly, many of them are misinformed about how it works. Below are some of the common myths around social media marketing worth pondering:

Twitter works for B2C companies or big brands only

This is one of the most common social media marketing myths. Local B2B businesses and small companies are generally of the notification that Twitter is only for celebs and large B2C companies. We can share many success stories to prove that Twitter can give conversion for B2B companies too. But careful! You can not expect Twitter to work for your company unless you actively tweet, monitor and engage with your followers.

No one uses G + and its waste of time

Google+ is just not a social network and definitely not a waste of time. When someone searches on Google, the search results include social recommendations from those +1 clicks from the user’s Gmail contacts. Possessing a strong G + profile increases your search ranking on Google. So, do not hesitate and spend some time in building your G + circles.

It is all about going viral or else it’s not worth it

Not every news or topic will go viral. Creating buzz is the motto of social media, but this buzz should also reach your target prospects and customers. It will make no sense if your video goes viral on YouTube and other social networks, yet you do not get quality leads. Conversion is important in any kind of marketing. Meaningless viral videos or news will not get you sales-ready leads.

You can not do social media marketing in-house

Many marketing consultants make social networking and marketing look like a humongous task. With proper understanding of your prospects, target industry, your products / services, current social trend and latest competitor initiatives; you can easily assign your social media activities to your internal resources. No one can promote your products / services better than you. Also, no one can better engage with your prospects and customers than you. So, next time when you are hiring, do not hesitate to expand your digital marketing team.

You need to be on all social networks to do social media marketing

It is certainly not necessary to create profiles on all available social networks. You should focus on only those which are relevant to your industry and are easy to manage. Managing and engaging with your community of fans is more important than creating countless social profiles.

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