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Digital Trends

Car Insurance Lead Script

If you need to generate leads of people interested in getting updated car insurance rates, here is a script that works great. All of the verification questions are asked first to build trust with the prospect before asking for new information. Don’t over think your lead generation campaign, often the simplest processes yield the best… Continue reading Car Insurance Lead Script

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To Be A Mother And A Filipina

“One is not born, but rather becomes, a woman.” -Simone de Beauvoir Being a Filipina is not an easy thing. To be a Filipina mother is an almost impossible task. Almost but not quite… I am a Filipina, soon to be a mother of two and a working mom at that. I became a wife… Continue reading To Be A Mother And A Filipina

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Adwords Marketing – How the Quality Score is Determined

What determines a Quality Score?  You’ve read the free guide and you know that the higher the quality score, the less expensive it is for you to buy traffic from Adwords.  But what is at the heart of the quality score?  How does Adwords assign a quality score? * CTR within Adwords The most important… Continue reading Adwords Marketing – How the Quality Score is Determined

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Insurance Marketing: Take Your Bio From Stale To Stellar

How well does your professional bio showcase your abilities? Does it tell your personal brand story? Is it current and compelling? Unfortunately, most insurance professional bios are stale and boring. They lack heart, depth and inspiration. Company profiles are often riddled with tired clichés and insurance industry jargon. And the typical executive bio is no… Continue reading Insurance Marketing: Take Your Bio From Stale To Stellar

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Eliminate Adwords CTR Penalties

Eliminate CTR penalties using Adwords placement campaigns.  A placement campaign allows you to specify which websites will display your ad.  This gives you an opportunity to improve the quality of content network traffic. Assuming you are familiar with the proposed Adwords strategy, you’ll recall that the key to getting low cost per clicks with Adwords… Continue reading Eliminate Adwords CTR Penalties

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